A Tradition of Service

Rockdale Towing has served the community for almost 50 years.  We’ve been around a long time. We’ve watched as the community has changed from farms and cornfields to shopping centers and townhouses. What once were cool spots to ride dirt-bikes and go four-wheeling, are now Owings Mills, New Town, and Interstate 795.  We were born and raised here and are thrilled to continue a tradition of service to the community.  Thank you.


Our Mission

Rockdale Towing stands on the foundation of hard work and dedication. It is our mission to remain the Baltimore Metro Area’s leader in towing and recovery. We are motivated to deliver to all of our customers (individuals, law enforcement, and private companies alike) the most reliable service possible. We understand that when we are called, you are in a time of need.  So we strive to exceed your expectations. These are our core values.


Dedication To Quality

We demand perfection from our professional staff, and we meticulously maintain our equipment so that our services are unrivaled in the industry.  There is a reason why we are utilized and relied on by numerous law enforcement agencies, auto dealerships, construction companies, car enthusiasts, and others to safely and responsibly tow their valuable vehicles and equipment. It’s because we consistently deliver the highest caliber services.


It’s Our People Who Make The Difference


Bruce – Towing Recovery Specialist and Heavy Wrecker Operator

In 1995 Bruce was asked to briefly help Rockdale.  Bruce happily said yes, not imagining he would still be working for Rockdale Towing 20+ years later.  Bruce has worked nighttime, seven nights a week, for almost his entire time of employment.  In that time, Bruce has become an expert recovery specialist, earning the business of school districts, numerous car dealers and private companies with vehicle fleets.  Bruce is the one who pushes everyone to think outside of the box, and go above and beyond.  He has never been afraid of tackling any size job — the more difficult the more gratifying.

Alan- Light Duty & Long Distance Tow Operator

With many years of towing experience under his belt, Alan has become a valued member of our team.  He never shies away from a hard day’s work and is always looking out for everyone’s safety.


Mike – Specialty Vehicle Rollback Operator

Mike is Rockdale’s go-to driver to tow the classic and high-end sports cars.  His passion for cars and automotive knowledge allows Mike to be able to drive any truck and tow any vehicle.


Andy-Heavy Duty Operator

Andy is one of Rockdale’s heavy transportation operators.  With his experience in the industry, Andy has tractor-trailer, wrecker and rollback experience that is impeccable. Don’t let his size fool you, he may be short but he knows how to handle all types of equipment.

James – Heavy Duty Operator

James is the newest CDL driver at Rockdale Towing. James’s military background and family business has given him the experience that Rockdale is looking for. Nothing scares him as he moves up in the industry with larger trucks and towing of heavy equipment.


Mike E. – Heavy Duty Operator

Mike E’s experience in general towing, heavy wrecker towing and trucking has been a great asset to Rockdale. Not only is he able to operate and tow all types of trucks, but he can also work on them too. His knowledge is very broad when it comes to working under the truck as well as in the truck.


Herb – Tow Truck Operator

Herb, although being one of the newest to the towing and recovery industry, Herb loves the accident recovery work. The thrill and adrenaline rush with every tow makes him eager and willing to learn while waiting for the next exciting recovery.


Dirk – Tow Truck Operator

Dirk is the quiet one of the group. A few giggles here and there when joking with the guys but he takes his job seriously and works hard. Being new to the industry, his long mechanical background allowed Dirk to pick up the task at hand like he has been towing for years.

Rockdale-Towing-Matt E

Matt – Tow Truck Operator

Matt growing up spent a lot of time in a truck with his father. Deciding to go into the towing industry himself, Matt has fit right in with the team. With his desire to learn he is growing rapidly with the company.


Karyn-VP of Miscellaneous Stuff

Karyn will jump in wherever she is needed. Whether it is bringing a truck to an accident scene, answering phones, writing up tickets or moving cars around the yard, you can always count on her for support.

All Rockdale Towing Team Members are fingerprinted, drug tested, and background checked prior to coming on-board. 

We’ve built our business on quick response times and compassion to your needs

We understand that your time is valuable, and being in a position that requires our services is an inconvenience.  It is our job to help make this experience as seamless as possible – to get you back to your life.

This is what we do. 

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