Towing Service Reisterstown

Rockdale Towing Service
Towing Service Reisterstown


Towing Services for Reisterstown and North Baltimore County.  If you find yourself needing towing services and are searching for a towing service, hoping one is “near me”.  And you’re searching for the best towing service in the Baltimore Metro Area, you’ve found it. Rockdale Towing Service is the area’s best towing company and we are ready to help you with whatever life throws your way. Even if you need roadside assistance Reisterstown, we are your call.

Towing Service Reisterstown


There are many factors that go into deciding what towing service you should use, we believe you deserve the best. We provide fast friendly local and long distance towing services at reasonable rates. Read what our customers are saying. We are Rockdale Towing and we are your towing service.

Towing Service Reisterstown

  • Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Towing

  • Local & Long Distance Towing

  • Accident Recovery Services
  • Cars, Trucks & Motorcycle Towing
  • RV Towing
  • Limousine, Specialty Towing & More

Rockdale Towing Service Reisterstown Uses Specialized Equipment

  • Four-Wheel Drive Car Carriers

  • Four-Wheel Drive Wheel Loader

  • Fork Loader

  • Specialty trucks equipped with Side Pullers

  • Dollies, Soft Straps, & Motorcycle Loader

  • Our team is equipped to handle anything from a scooter to a tractor trailer

Towing Service Reisterstown


To avoid damages, you need to know that the company towing your…motorcycle, luxury vehicle, limousine, or lowered sports car, understands the specific requirements of caring for your vehicle. At Rockdale Towing Service we employ state-of-the-art systems and equipment to care for your vehicle. We use soft straps and a motorcycle loader to accommodate the largest of bikes.

Towing Service Reisterstown


At Rockdale Towing Service we know that driving in the snow is no fun. And if you’ve lived in Baltimore County for very long, you know we get more than our fair share of snow. So if you’re ever caught in the snow and slide off while driving, give us a call, we’ll come get you out. We have the manpower, trucks, and expertise to get you out of any tough situation.

Towing Service Reisterstown


Rockdale Towing Service has a fleet of flatbed tow trucks on the road every day serving a wide variety of needs. And because we believe your comfort is important we maintain our trucks meticulously, inside and out. We’re not saying it’s a luxury to have the opportunity to ride in one of our trucks, but it will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Towing Service Reisterstown


If your business depends upon trucks and equipment you can’t afford downtime. Your equipment and materials need to be on the work site when the work is scheduled to be performed. If you need a fork-lift, skid-steer, scissor-lift, or any other piece of equipment transported, Rockdale Towing Service is here to help.

Towing Service Reisterstown


Your first priority when you’re involved in an accident is to assure your safety. The next step is to call 911. When you do, remember it is your right to request a preferred towing company. Ask the 911 operator or the police officer who responds to the accident to send Rockdale Towing Service. Just say “Send Rockdale,” they’ll understand.

Towing Service Reisterstown


Rockdale Towing Service understands that if you have a truck that’s down it’s bad for your bottom line. Our heavy duty towing service can handle almost any large vehicle, including tractor trailers, dump trucks, buses, motor homes, construction equipment, stake trucks, and others. Give us a call, we’ll get you back on the road.